IMS provide proven, forward-thinking solutions that opitimise all sorts of media platforms. Our sales teams use accurate, up-to-date and audited audience statistics coupled with contacts and creativity to improve and drive up revenues.

Working closely with clients, we ensure that a consistent approach is adopted, paying particular attention to brand or product sensitivities.

Publishers & events organisers gain an instant competitive advantage intially benefiting from reduced  operational costs and laterly from achieved revenue & profit goals.

Specific Services Include
  • Media Representation & Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Media Kit Consultation
  • Event & Exhibition Sponsorship
  • Publications & Online Advertising
  • And much more

If you are interested in applying our experience to your publications and events or need our help with sponsorship, drop us a line today in the strictest confidence.

  • CrossPlat

    Maximising Possibilities

    Today there is much less emphasis on print-only advertising with buyers more aware of interconnected media options. Our experience in selling integrated solutions provides you with excellent potential for growing revenues.


  • ClientDev

    Strengthening Links

    We work closely with exisiting clients to gain an understanding of their history and objectives. An IMS account handler will personally foster this relationship aiming to develop stronger links between brand and media.


  • AdvertAquis

    Client Trust

    IMS have long-standing relationships with numerous advertisers. Buyers recognise our involvement in a project which in itself can deliver many new clients to your product; clients that may have been out of reach previously. 


  • Idea

    Creative Sales

    IMS approach each project with clearly defined audience data. We use this data and apply it to our market-proven formula creatively targeting specific clients who stand to benefit most from your platform, product or service.


World Class Sponsorship Sales